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Commitment, transparency, innovation. These three values have been at the center of the mission of the GEMINI INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION since its establishment. We are committed with passion and dedication to the work we do, sharing it transparently with the community and inviting them to participate. Furthermore, we strive for creative thinking, applying an innovative approach to everything we do. This mission is the basis of the continued success of the GEMINI INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION.



Each of us can become a supporter of the greatest universal social work. If contributing daily becomes normal, then even the impossible becomes possible.


Everyone will feel useful to others and together participate in their own future. The sums collected daily will be allocated with transparency to elderly people, disadvantaged families, scientific research, ingenuity, as well as companies that have suffered damage due to force majeure.


Distribute the funds raised or train professional resources. The Foundation will be present with its own offices and delegations throughout the national and international territory to guarantee its operations.


Cultural and associative bodies, public and private, companies and institutions with purposes similar to the statutory principles of the Foundation will be able to join us and become delegates to operate in the territory, based on their own knowledge and skills.


The Foundation, through its internal bodies, will make available upon written and motivated request the documents proving the management of the sums of the respective funds received and allocated for programs and projects, as well as to the respective entitled beneficiary users.



The FOUNDATION will be able to participate in any type of initiative aimed directly or indirectly at achieving the social purpose.

The Foundation may, if it deems it appropriate, also contribute to the establishment of other legal entities with the aim being directly or indirectly connected to its institutional objectives:

Manage places used for entertainment, sports and leisure activities.

Participate in production activities.

Promote and manage useful service activities in support of social objectives.

Manage, use and have banking circuits for the management of the treasury service, as well as proceed with the management and distribution of the sums to be donated for institutional purposes, according to the obligations established by the regulation approved by the Board of Directors.


The Foundation will be able to stipulate conventions and/or collaboration agreements with public and private, national and international entities, even occasionally, and in general carry out all the acts, securities, real estate and financial operations that may be necessary and useful for achieving the objectives. social.


Enter into any appropriate deed and contract, including for the financing of the approved operations, including without exclusion, stipulations of mortgages, short or long term, purchases of property or surface rights, of properties, the stipulation of agreements of any kind with public or private bodies, which are considered appropriate and useful for achieving its statutory purposes.


Administer and manage the assets of which it is the owner, lessee, lender or in any case owned by the Foundation or by third parties connected to it;


The Foundation's aim is to intervene in support of the various social groups, through the management of its own funds or funds raised and distributed through the Funds as specified below:



a Special Fund aimed at helping scientific research and business development as well as enhancing project developments linked to social and humanitarian purposes. That to allow this Fundraising activity, the Foundation has the desire and need to make use of partners all over the world, in order to establish direct relationships with possible supporters interested in providing sums or services to the Foundation for the purposes set out in the statute, in particular for the implementation of structural projects dedicated to health, food, training, communication, culture, social mobility and research as well as structural projects;

a Specific Fund aimed at helping scientific research as well as enhancing ingenuity, training and culture;

a Solidarity Fund intended to help families who for contingent reasons become victims of social hardship.

a business fund intended to help and implement business projects for those companies that are excluded from the banking system or private projects.

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