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Cinema, like theatre, is made up of people, where the actor is considered an important element. Film and Theater Acting are different and require different skills, even though they are two very similar fields. We mainly find the differences in the type of audience and acting:

Use: While in the theater the spectator follows live what happens on the stage, in the cinema he finds himself in contact with a screen, which transmits the acting which, however, does not take place in that place, but has been constructed, repeated and edited to reproduce a narrative sliding.
Acting: the theater actor performs in real time and does not have the possibility of repeating the scene, as happens in cinema where the actor, through a video camera and the director of photography, can repeat the scene several times.
Audience: the theater actor suffers live criticism, applause and compliments, all of which transmits various emotions to the actor which can affect the acting. In cinema, however, the audience is not visible during the performance, consequently the actor is not influenced by opinions and criticisms from outside the set.
Distribution: Theater is usually distributed to specific audiences and in specific places. Cinema, on the other hand, is distributed to a much wider audience and with generic characteristics.

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Luci al neon viola


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