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Project Bambù


09 January 2024


Applicable everywhere


The project is promoted by TURISVEL94 s.r.l. (hereinafter TURISEVEL) within the scope of
a broader program called HOLISTIC PARK IN SARDINIA, which intends
develop, with its own brand "BAMBU'SA", mainly in the region
Sardinia, in connection and in partnership with the major international operators in
sector, a supply chain for food, commercial and industrial forest production
renewables of “PhyllostachysPubescens”, known as “Moso” or “Giant Bamboo” from
to plant, in various locations on the island, on a total area of approximately 5000 hectares.
Since there are over 1500 uses for bamboo, the project also includes the creation of
n. 14 transformation activities linked to products with a large national market and
This is the section relating to some projects managed by the Gemini foundation.

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