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The organization of events is the application of the management criteria necessary for the creation and production of commercial, cultural, celebratory and relational events. This is a constantly growing sector, which since 2000 has become one of the strategic and operational levers that must be applied in the field of integrated communication in the development of any communication plan.

The production industry can design and develop events of all sizes, from the organization of an Olympic Ceremony to a working lunch for a few select people. From a PR event up to a large product launch with thousands of participants. Every brand, company, institution, location, non-profit association, Organizing Committee, community, organizes events in order to create visibility or awareness, generate profits, celebrate an event, raise funds, give volume to an emotion.

The organization of events thus analyzes the complexity of a brand or context, the set objectives, identifies a target audience, creates the concept of the event, identifies the location, checks the budget, plans the logistics, coordinates all the technical aspects and production processes aimed at its realization.

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